CRISP Teleoperated Fruit Picking Dataset


Dataset containing the demonstration data collected with a teleoperation system. The CRISP teleoperated fruit picking dataset contains real-world teleoperated demonstration recordings of teleoperated grasping and manipulation sequences. The dataset offers recordings of RGB-D, Tactile and kinematic data collected during fruit pick-and-place tasks. Our items are placed in the workspace as single or as a clutter to simulate real-world food manufacturing scenarios.

It comprehends 10 recordings for 3 different objects (Avocado, Banana, Blueberry Box) in 2 different scenarios (Single, Clutter) for a total of 60 demonstrations.

The dataset includes 6 activities:

  • move-in is the act of approaching with the arm to the item the operator wants to grasp or manipulate.
  • move-out is the opposite of the previous. It corresponds to when the robot arm is leaving the workspace, with or without the item in hand.
  • manipulate occurs during the successful and unsuccessful manoeuvres for workspace decluttering.
  • grasp corresponds to the act of performing a closure around the item. This activity terminates when the hand lifts with or without the item.
  • pick-up starts at the end of the previous. It corresponds to the act of lifting the item vertically within the workspace.
  • drop terminates all the demonstrations. It occurs after a while carrying the item. It terminates when the item gets in contact with a surface outside of the workspace.

Check the dataset page for more details.

Claudio Coppola
Claudio Coppola
Robotics And Machine Learning Scientist

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